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Bath Bombs Bath Bombs: Bag of Three, 1oz Each

Our effervescent bath bombs are created from natural ingredients like Shea Butter and essential oils.  Add them to your bath water to make your next soak softer, prettier, and wonderfully scented.

Our Price: $6.95
Bath Bombs Bath Bombs: 4+ Ounces of OMG!

Our signature bath bombs make bath time more enjoyable.  Just add one to your next bath for a soft, relaxing sensation you won't soon forget.  Each ships in a small organza bag so that you can use your bomb a little at a time, if you prefer.  Just break off what you need, drop it in the tub, and enjoy the beautifully-scented fizz.  Or use it all at once for a longer, more decadent soak.

Our Price: $8.95
Bath Bombs Extra Large Bath Bombs: Extra Large (7+ oz.)

If you spend just $10 in our store, spend it on this.  Our largest bath bombs ever...stuffed with effervescent goodness... Just stop, drop, and relax.  Each bomb is individually packaged in a beautiful gift bag; so you can choose to use it all at one, or savor the relaxation, bath by bath, as you melt away stress.  Pro Tip:  Gwendolyn Elizabeth Bath Bombs make great party and bridal favors!

Our Price: $9.95